Vudu Movie Streamer

PUBLISHER: Android Developer Works
VERSION: 0.70.13412.46919
SIZE: 180k

I have been working on this app for sometime now and it is tirm to progress forward anyone looking to venture forward with this app should apply yourself and look to the future of your dreams with a simple click of a button you can own this very app with well over 50,000 downloads to it Bidding will start now until the new year it has been a pleasure working with all that have supported this app and wish you the best in the future to come.
Thanks Android Users
Android Developer Works
Stream the most current movies out on the market on selected devices today.

Works great to view and review the latest movies out on the market.

Netflix only offers movies that have been out a while , with vudu you get movies that same day.

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User request for Vudu streamer.  This does not seem to be an official app and I do not subscribe to the service so leave feedback with any issues!

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